Getting here...

As there are several options and combinations for getting here we have split this topic into several pages. Please use the link buttons to work through the travel optoins and if you get lost on any of the pages .... then how the heck do you expect to be able to find us if you can't even navigate a simple website ! Seriously though any problems or questions just ask us and we will do our best to get you here in as trouble free way as possible.

Before tunnels were bored through the Alps in the 1970s, the only easy way into the Lungau was from the east. From all other directions you would negotiate hazardous mountain passes barricaded by wolves, bears, bandits and terrifically foul weather. Luckily all this has changed and the tunnels are excellent. Please use the route planing websites and programs below to find your best way here.

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The first big hurdle is the sea, so below we have links for a few options to get you over, or under the, the water to main land Europe without wings or getting your feet wet !

Direct Ferries

Transfer Times to St. Michael im Lungau from Airports

Salzburg (SZG) - 1 hrs 10 mins

Klagenfurt (KLU) - 1 hrs 20 mins

Munich (MUC) - 2 hrs 20 mins

Venice Marco Polo (VCE) - 3 hrs

Ljubljana (LJU) - 1 hrs 30 mins

Graz (GRZ) - 2 hrs 15 mins

Linz (LNZ) - 2 hrs 20 mins

Trieste (TRS) - 2 hrs 20 mins

Innsbruck Airport (INN) - 2 hrs 40 mins

Treviso (TSF) - 3 hrs 10 mins

Vienna International Airport (VIE) - 3 hrs 20 mins

Bolzano (BZO) - 3 hrs 25 mins

Note:- Transfer times to St. Michael im Lungau are approximate dry road timings and subject to weather and traffic conditions. A hire car on a clear, dry road may be slightly quicker; a transfer bus in a queue on a snowy road may take significantly longer.

The Chalet is just over an hour south of Salzburg airport or north of Klagenfurt airport – from either way it's the A10, which is a major dual carriageway. In fact from pretty much any arrival point, except Vienna, you will end up on the A10 at some point! When you leave EITHER airport, head for Villach. From Salzburg this will take you directly onto the A10, which leads all the way to St Michael, through 7 tunnels into the Lungau valley. The St. Michael turn off is just before the big toll station and it is a SHARP turn off so look out for it and watch your speed. From Klagenfurt follow the signs to Villach, then Salzburg. This will take you to St Michael, the turn off to St Michael comes soon after a tunnel, so keep an eye out for it! There is a TOLL for using the local tunnel(s) currently it is €5,50 per trip and don't forget your Vignette it is legal requirement!

If you decide to drive from the UK, although it's a long journey - avg 14 hours from Calais, it's a really easy journey on good roads.

Our preferred route is on A26 Toll road through France to Reims, then the E50 to Metz and on to Saarbrucken and then Karlshrue which is on the outskirts of Stuttgart. Although this costs 50 euros, in our opinion and experience, it's money well spent!

If you chose to break the journey into 2 days we have found Ibis Budget Hotels are a super place to stay the night, clean, inexpensive and conveniently loctaed just off the motorways so no need for big detours to find them. Stuttgart Airport is one we have frequented a few times and means you are just 5 hours away from Chalet Mur. Click on the logo to be taken to its page.


Either way, even if you chose to travel through Belgium, Luxembourg and then into Germany you will be looking for road signs to the following cities: Stuttgart, Munich and then Salzburg. They are all on the A8 and very well signed. Once you approach Salzburg you will be following A8/E52 which will lead you to the A10 'Villach" You're just over an hour away now.

Before you reach Austria you need to stop and buy a Vignette which allows you to drive on Austrian motorways. 2015 cost is €8.50 for 10 days. You need to put it in the centre of your windscreen behind your rear view mirror.